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 Cleaning & Sanitizing

 Guidelines & Procedures     Forms   
 Cleaning/Sanitizing/Disinfecting Checklist  Revised 5/15/2019
 Cleaning Process Chart  Revised 4/30/2019


 Food Safety

 Guidelines & Procedures     Forms   
 Food Holding Procedure  Revised 5/9/2019
 Food Temperature Corrective Action Procedure  Revised 5/22/2019
 Suspected Food Borne Illness Procedure  Revised 6/11/2019

   Daily Food Temperature Record Form
 Daily Refrigeration Temperature Record
 Suspected Food Borne Illness Report  Revised 6/11/2019

 All Hazard Preparedness

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
 All Hazard Preparedness Procedure  NEW 5/15/2019
 Disaster Supply Kit Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019
   All Hazard Preparedness Drills Record  Revised 5/15/2019


 Classroom Safety Practices — Site and Classroom Checks

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  

 Classroom Emergency Board Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019
 Checking Playground Surface Safety Procedure - Loose Fill  Revised 5/22/2019
 Bike Helmets Procedure  Revised 5/1/2019
 Site Readiness and Safety Checklist Procedure  Revised 8/26/2019
 Pesticide Procedure  Revised 5/22/2019

   Daily Classroom Safety Checklist  Revised 5/15/2019
 Monthly Classroom Health and Safety Checklist  Revised 5/15/2019
 Classroom Emergency Plan for Accident or Illness Form  Revised 5/15/2019
 Site Readiness and Safety Checklist - Center Director  Revised 8/19/2019
 Site Readiness and Safety Checklist - Classroom  Revised 8/19/2019

 Classroom Safety Practices — Universal Precautions

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms   
 Universal Precautions/Handling Bodily Fluids Procedure
 Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens - Employer Responsibility Procedure 


 Classroom Safety Practices — First Aid

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
 First Aid Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019

     Monthly First Aid Inspection Checklist  Revised 5/15/2019


 Classroom Safety Practices — Illness and Injury

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
 Daily Health Check Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019
 Temperature-Taking Under Armpit Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019
 Temporary Exclusions Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019
 Injury Reporting Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019

   Injury Report Form
 Injury and Illness Log
 Weekly Illness Log  Revised 5/15/2019