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 Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  

 Serving Food in the Classroom Procedure
 Family Style Meals Procedure
 Potential Choking Foods Procedure
 Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) - Infant Meal Pattern Chart
 USDA-CACFP Ages 1-5 Meal Pattern Guidance
 USDA-CACFP Preschool Meal Pattern Guidance
 Food from Outside the Early Learning Program Procedure
 No Food Brought from Home into the Classroom Sign (multiple languages)

 Food Introduction Record

 Menus / Recordkeeping

 Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  

 Daily Attendance and Meal Count Procedure - ECEAP
 Daily Attendance and Meal Count Procedure - Center-Based Head Start and
Early Head Start

 Attendance Codes - Center-Based Head Start and Early Head Start
 Menu Submission Procedure
 Drinking Water Guidance


 Special Diet List
 Menu Templates - Blank Breakfast, Lunch, Snack (Excel)
 Daily Infant Meal Record
 Daily Attendance and Meal Count Form - ECEAP (Excel)
 Daily Attendance and Meal Count Form - ECEAP - Sample 
 EHS Socialization Group Cycle Menu 12 Week Snack Menu

** Also see the "ERSEA — Attendance" section on the ERSEA page **


 Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  
 USDA Reimbursement Procedure
 USDA Enrollment Form Procedure
 "Building for the Future" Procedure

  CACFP Enrollment Form Template Creator 2018-2019 (Excel)
 "Building for the Future" Flier:   English   Spanish

 Nutrition Consulting

 Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  
 Nutrition Consultant Request Procedure

   Nutrition Consultant Request Form (Word)

 Nutrition & Growth

 Guidelines & Procedures       Forms  

 Growth Assessment – Height/Weight/Head Circumference Screening (0-3 years)

 Height and Weight Screening - Preschool Procedure
 Assessment of BMI for Age-At Risk for Overweight Procedure
 Assessment of BMI for Age-At Risk for Underweight Procedure
 Talking to Parents/Guardians About Child Weight Status - Guidance
 Epi Info Instructions (ECEAP only)
 Epi Info Template #1 (ECEAP only):  Graph Individual Child (downloadable file)
 Epi Info Template #2 (ECEAP only):  Tracking Report (downloadable file)

 To download and save Epi Info Template files to your computer:
 1. Hover over the link and right-click your mouse
 2. Select "Save Link As..." and navigate to where you want to store the file

 Spring Growth Results Form


** Also see the "Child Health Plans" section on the Health page **
** Also see the SCREENING & ASSESSMENT page **

 Nutrition & Growth Concerns

 Guidelines & Procedures      Forms

 Feeding Concerns Procedure
 Monitoring Mechnical Feeding Problems Procedure
 Montoring Constipation Concerns Procedure
 Monitoring Iron-Deficiency Anemia Procedure
 Monitoring Rate of Growth Concern Procedure
 Monitoring Short Stature Procedure