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 Classroom Health Routines

 Guidelines & Procedures      Forms  
 Classroom Health Routines  Revised 8/20/2019
 "Block the Sun, Not the Fun" Flyer: English   Spanish   Arabic   Vietnamese

   Daily Activity Chart for Infants and Toddlers
 The Nit-Picking - Who Does What Work Chart
 Sunscreen Application Record Form - Bulk
 Sunscreen Authorization Form - Bulk Container  Revised 5/22/2019
 Sunscreen Authorization Form - Individual Container

 Health Enrollment — General

 Guidelines & Procedures      Forms  

 Immunization Requirements Procedure  Revised 5/22/2019
 Authorization to Release Confidential Health Information Procedure
 Food Allergies/Intolerance/Special Dietary Needs Procedure Revised 4/30/2019
 Dietary Accommodations and Food Preferences Flowchart  Revised 6/10/2019
 Health/Nutrition Enrollment Flowchart

   Health History (1-5 Years)  Revised 5/14/2019
 Health History Tool (1-5 Years)  Revised 5/14/2019
 Health History (0-12 months)  Revised 5/14/2019
 Health History Tool (0-12 months)  Revised 5/14/2019
 Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) Form:   English  Revised 5/22/2019
 Certificate of Exemption (COE) Form:   English  Revised 6/13/2019
 Authorization to Release and Exchange Confidential Health Information
 Authorization to Release Immunization Records:  English  Spanish
 Emergency Treatment and Consent Form   English   Revised 4/1/2019
** Also see the "Child Enrollment" section on the EDUCATION - OVERVIEW page **
** Also see the "Enrollment" section on the ERSEA page **

 Health Enrollment — Well Child

 Guidelines & Procedures      Forms  

 When I Give Consent, It Means I Agree
 Physical and Dental Exams Procedure  Revised 8/20/2019
 Lead Letter to Providers
 Declining Early Learning Health Services  Revised 5/14/2019
 Well Child Exam Tool

   Susceptible List (Exempt Children) Form  Revised 5/22/2019
 Susceptible List (Need Follow-Up) Form  Revised 5/22/2019
 Lead / Hematocrit / Hemoglobin Fax Cover Sheet
 Medical/Dental Exam Letter

 Child Health Plans

 Guidelines & Procedures      Forms  
 Child Health Plans Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019
 Child Supplemental Food Plan Procedure  Revised 4/30/2019
 Diabetes Management in the Classroom
  Health Related:
 Child Health Plan and Provider Orders — Respiratory Disorder  Revised 5/14/2019
 Child Health Plan and Provider Orders — Seizure Disorder  Revised 5/14/2019
 Child Health Plan and Provider Orders — Skin Condition  Revised 5/14/2019
 Child Health Plan and Provider Orders — Non-Food Allergies  Revised 5/14/2019
 Child Health Plan and Provider Orders — Reflux Infants and Toddlers  Revised 5/14/2019
 Child Health Plan and Provider Orders — Other Health Conditions  Revised 5/14/2019

Nutrition Related:
 Child Health Plan and Provider Orders — Dietary Accommodations - Food Allergies/Intolerances  Revised 5/14/2019
 Child Supplemental Food Plan  Revised 4/30/2019
 Parent/Guardian Request for Milk Substitute  Revised 4/30/2019

 Health & Growth Screenings

 Guidelines & Procedures      Forms  

 Preschool Height and Weight Screenings Procedure  Revised 8/21/2019
 Vision and Hearing Screenings Procedure  Revised7/31/2019
 Instructions for 45-Day Screening Results - HS & ECEAP  NEW 7/31/2019
Instructions for 45-Day Screening Results - EHS  NEW 7/31/2019
Growth Assessment Procedure (0-3 years)  NEW 8/21/2019

   Health and Developmental Screening Results Form - HS & ECEAP  NEW 7/31/2019
Health and Developmental Screening Results Form - EHS  NEW 7/31/2019

 Vision Screening Referral Letter (3-5 Years)
 Hearing Screening Referral Letter  NEW 8/20/2019
 Diagnostic Follow-up Form
 Vision Summary (0-12 months)  Revised 5/15/2019
 18 Vision Development Milestones from Birth to Baby's First Birthday  NEW 5/15/2019
Spring Growth Results Form Revised 5/20/2019

** Also see the SCREENING & ASSESSMENT page **

 Medications — General

Guidelines & Procedures      Forms  

 Medication Administration Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019

   Medication Administration Parent Letter Form  Revised 5/15/2019
 Parent/Guardian Authorization for Medication Administration at School and Medication Administration Record Form  Revised 5/15/2019
 Medication Administration Error Record
 Provider Orders for Over the Counter Medication at School Form  Revised 5/15/2019
 Provider Orders for Medication at School Form — Supplemental  Revised 5/15/2019


 Communicable Diseases & Health Notices

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  

 Exposure to Communicable Diseases Procedure  Revised 5/15/2019

** Also see the "Exposure Notices to Families" section
on the HEALTH, NUTRITION & SAFETY RESOURCES page for notices on all communicable diseases. **

 Pregnancy & Postpartum

 Maternal Depression Screening Procedure
 Pregnancy/Postpartum Services Checklist
   Pregnancy Health History
Maternal Depression Screening:   English   Spanish
 Two-Week Postpartum and Newborn Visit Summary



Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
 Dental Intervention Procedure
 Dentist and Hygienist Classroom Screening Procedure  Revised 7/31/2019


 Dental Examination Report
 Dental Screening Consent Form - SeaMar Community Health:
     English   Spanish   Revised 6/20/2019
 Dental Screening Evaluation Form - SeaMar Community Health:   English   Spanish
 Dental Screening Consent Form - Community Health Center:   English   Spanish
 Dental Screening Evaluation Form - Community Health Center:   English   Spanish
 Community Medical/Dental Resources Parent Notices - Multiple Languages

 Animals in the Early Learning Environment

Guidelines & Procedures     Forms  
 Animals in the Early Learning Environment Procedure
   Parent Consent for Animal(s) in the Early Learning Environment
 Parent Notification for Service Animal(s) in the Early Learning Environment