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Early Learning Governance Advisory Committee

The Head Start Advisory Committee was approved by the Puget Sound ESD Board at their October 15, 2014, Board meeting. Notice was then provided to the Head Start Regional Office regarding formation of this committee.


Committee Membership:

The Committee shall consist of five (5) members. Such members shall be comprised of:

  • Two (2) currently elected Policy Council Vice-Chairs
    – Dur-Shrika Moore
    Jessica Heavner
  • Two (2) currently sitting Puget Sound ESD Board members
    Joanne Seng
    Jill Johnson
  • One (1) Puget Sound ESD Early Learning Policy & Governance Advisor (or his/her designee)
    Lori Pittman
  • One (1) Superintendent Liaison
     Kay Lancaster

Chaired by Puget Sound ESD Early Learning Policy & Governance Advisor:  Lori Pittman
Program Support:  Ann Airey, Early Learning Executive Assistant

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